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Feasibility Study


Feasibility Needed Or Not?

Spend A Few $ To Make A Few More !

Knowing what you in for and how this new farming system will earn its keep and make you more dollars is in our view vital.

To just trow money at a dream is called a hobby... to invest sensibly requires a full understanding of the objectives , consequences and outcomes.

A few thousand dollars invested in a proper blue print showing you how the investment will stack up in years to come will create a good level of comfort and security around the project.

By all means we encourage you to obtain the Dairy House™ system, but to really add value for you start with the feasibility.

And if you need finance this feasibility will provided the backbone of the application and gives the bankers confidence the project has been thought through.

Feasibility reports are provided by Cowhouse ltd consulting and independent Landward Management Ltd. Principle Ray MacLeod and his team have done a large number of feasibility of hybrid systems and understand the ins and outs of the economics related.

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Good thing is when you go ahead with the completely integrated project you receive a credit* for the cost of the report in full !

*based on base cost of one model