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Who And What Is Dairyhouse.kiwi.nz

Dairy House™ provides hybrid solutions for 'under cover' farm management for the Dairy Industry.

With a stronger focus and acceptance by dairy farmers to keeping cows out of adverse weather and managing effluent, soil and feed more efficiently, various solutions to cover cows are available, ranging from herd homes to covered feedpad solutions or full freestalls.

Freestalls are becoming popular in many area's in NZ, particularly wet and adverse weather area's generally freestall steel roofed buildings become viable with herds over 400 cows.

The DairyHouse ™ system allows for a more cost effective solution for any herd size, a driver for the design has been the versatility in creating a design which can stand alone from the concrete footprint. Therefore a feedpad can be stage one, a laying bay stage 2 and a cover stage 3, or cover year one and footprint concrete feedlane and laying bays year 2.

The complete 35 meter free span build is a key in providing a huge range of options and to safe cost, yet end up with a very clean and effective structure.

We invite you to talk and engage our group of experts and get the very best system for your farm, for today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future. contact us at info@dairyhouse.kiwi.nz