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Compost Barns The Real Story

Not All Is What It Seems

With some people considering alternative systems for NZ there is some mis information and lack of real data in respect of all the issues.

Compost or bedded pack barns on the face of it may offer some solutions, but the real issues and cost are far from simple.

Milk quality ( and acceptance by the dairy companies)
Cost ( initial larger m2 and material of sawdust/bedding)
Pathogen and bacterial contamination
Skill to operated
Green house gasses

These are just a few issues, this report from Wageningen in the Netherlands where this system is only a very small % of the total barn system scene is a good information source form which to base your conclusions.

Added 24 Nov 2017
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Feedlot Security

More than one way to grow Beef

Why not more frames take up the opportunity to spin their operations to higher performance is a question to which there are few answers

With "artificial beef" around the corner every thing should be done to ensure NZ does lifts itself to a year round quality supply.

Sold with a sustainable story of durability and care for animals and land is proven to be workable and acceptable for consumers to justifiably pay more.

Added 19 Sep 2017
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A Concept Idea For Dairy Housing

Dairy housing is continuously under development, new ways of thinking and doing things and new materials can lead to new methods and systems

CowGarden™ is a new concept in Dairy Housing, "The indoors becomes the outdoors"

Added 18 May 2017
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Highest Level Of Containment Level Achieved I

"devils cocktail contained"

ECOBAG is breaking new ground in leachate containment systems by having provided the Waste Management Group landfill in Marton with a total leachate containment system. Referred to as the "devils cocktail" the rain water leachate from the landfill requires containment and processing to meet stringent environmental standards. ECOBAG™ was able to provide a highly internationally certified system to ensure leachate could be safely contained while at the same time avoiding smell and rain water ingress.

Added 30 Apr 2017
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Grass N Adding To The Leaching

Extract of article from Stuff by J Talbot

Added 18 Feb 2017
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A Food Revolution Is On Its Way

Where does NZ fit in?

considerable time and resources need to be committed in NZ to establish where we fit in in the world...

Added 09 Jan 2017
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Environmental Southland

Issues and direction Southland

Added 09 Jan 2017
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Nz Dairy Farm Stats 2017

Stats Dairy 2017

Added 09 Jan 2017
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A Fresh Look At Wintermilk In Nz

Hybrid systems the way of the future

Article translated from original published in the Netherlands Dec 2016

Added 30 Dec 2016
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Mud Galore

Common Things We Hear

" we don't have a feed pad to stand cows off on, so pastures can get damaged. We have a sacrifice paddock. There is not much else we can do.... "

Added 27 Dec 2016
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Don't Assume Cost Are Higher

Keith Woodford At Nzga Moa Flat

Keith Woodford and NZGA meeting Nov 2016 Don't assume cost are higher in housed systems.

Added 27 Dec 2016
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Dairy, Education And The Public.... A Balanci

Owl Farm

Added 23 Dec 2016
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Treat Poo As Fertiliser

Nutricapture ECOBAG and FLEXITANK

Manage your nutrient resource to its full potential

Added 23 Dec 2016
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Stand Off Bedding

Back ground article on stand off bedding

In the end most stand off pads are a short term solution to a long term problem

Bedding options involving bark or peelings are very costly, annual replacement and labour and machinery cost are high. Significant risk issues exist in pathogen both for animals respiratory and human respiratory systems. Stray pathogen affecting milk and udder health are also risk not to be ignored.

In the Netherlands soft bedding or compost housing is under severe limitations due to these factors.

Alternative bedding options are available but not widely known or used (yet) in NZ

Talk to TechniPharm or Cowhouse Ltd consulting for "an alternative view"

Added 06 Dec 2016
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Lameness Damage Not Just Hoof Deep

By Richard Laven

Great back ground article about lameness

Added 06 Dec 2016
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Pontoon Safety On Open Ponds

Article about open pond safety matters

Readers Notes

ECOBAG™ and FLEXTIANK™ do not require pontoon based stirrers, all is inside the bag, safe and sound.

Added 11 Nov 2016
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Passionate About Food

The NZ Story

Ian Proudfoot about food and passion...

we can feed 40 Million people, so why sell a commodity?

Added 10 Nov 2016
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Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss

The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn the more places You will go

Dr Seuss

Added 08 Nov 2016
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When Effluent Pays...

Effluent always pays when stored properly

Article about when to get maximum benefits using your valuable nutrients.

make sure you store them in an ECOBAG™ nutrient capture effluent storage and management system to keep all that nutrient from evaporating though!

up to 60% of N evaporates within 90 days in an open pond system ( read balance study on N elsewhere in this catalogue)

Added 31 Oct 2016
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Dreaming Of A Payout $9.- / Kg Ms Or More?

Organics the way?

Different thoughts and ideas keep floating to the surface, one thing for sure, to just be in a commodity market is not where NZ' s future is. We need to innovate and create farm systems and food products for those wanting these products and prepared to pay for it. In that context $10/ Kg Ms should be a starting point.


Added 04 Aug 2016
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Every Dollar Counts

Efficiency drives the business

Article about impact and cost structure on partly housed cows in plastic housed structure

Added 04 Aug 2016
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Seasonality Opportunity In Dairy

Is our grass bases system delivering best way

Article by Keith Woodford on where the industry opportunities lay

Added 19 Jul 2016
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Directors in Ag

Article from IOD ( Institute of Directors) in respect of directorships in Ag.

Added 08 Jul 2016
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Water Quality

The Canterbury Story

By David Caygill

Added 07 Jul 2016
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Impacts Of Reducing N Leaching

Southland Impacts

Article by Dairy NZ

Added 07 Jul 2016
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Pro's And Con's Wintering Infrastru

Real Issues, Real Results Drive Efficiency

No matter what the payout the challenging l issues of farming in the out doors do not go away.
No matter how much grass we use, fundamentally it will never resolve all problems.
Farming sustainably and environmentally sound, will for many farmers in NZ sooner or later involve some kind of additional infrastructure

Added 01 Jul 2016
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The Perfect Cow

Denis Aitken , Holstein Friesian NZ and Tecx

Come and see us at Fieldays 2017 and see what it takes...

Added 13 Jun 2016
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Nitrogen Efficiency

Nitrogen management leads to efficiency

Article by Sheryl Brown NZX on Nitrogen efficiency

Added 07 Jun 2016
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" Impact On Pugging Severe"

" do not treat your soils like dirt"

By Cheyenne Stein, impact on soils through pugging

Added 07 Jun 2016
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Robot Milking The Way Of The Future

Robots on the way to mainstream

Robot milking will drive the future of milking cows, in some countries already mainstream.

Added 20 May 2016
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