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Collect Nutrients For Better Use

Advance Your Farm With Less N

Using natural undiluted sludge is high in N content, thus applying this thinly and evenly over growing pasture makes sense. In the process you will safe on using Urea.

Diary sludge is high in organic matter which will benefit top soil creation


Feed Efficiency High

Money Spent On Feed Is Not Wasted

Feeding cows in the paddock can mean up to 40% of feed can be wasted, particularly in the wet winter months. Under a Dairy House cove almost all feed is utilised and pastures are protected.


Girls Like To Look Good

Girls like to look good, right? of course they do, and it's good for them clean out the dust and loose hair.


Happy Cows Produce More!

The Dairy House ™ system allows for the best of a pasture based system to be mixed with the best of an indoor Freestall housing system. Built with a NZ engineered and designed "rainbow" clear span framing and membrane roofing system this is a superior choice for longterm housing options