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Cowhouse Ltd Consulting

Cowhouse Ltd consulting will assist in getting your plans off the ground. They are experts in Animal Housing and Dairy Management. They can tell you all you need to know, not just the "building part" They can prepare a feasibility study, budgets and coordinate and help integrate and manage the project to completion.



Fit Out To Specifications By Technipharm

Expert Independent Providers Give Scope And Choose

Dairy House uses TechniPharm for its fit out supplies, TechniPharm works with a range of selected reputable providers for all fit out needs, this means you get the very best proven systems with a choice of scraping systems, matting (DLG Tested) stall guidance systems, brushes, curtains, ag doors, effluent sludge pumping systems, pond stirrers and where needed animal handling systems

Over 50.000 cows already use a TechniPharm fit out system including the cows ar Massey University Dairy # 4


Lely Nz

Robot Milking An Option For You?

learn all about Robot milking, the Lely NZ team has been investing for many years in the NZ market and are leading technology and support system providers


Pre Cast Floor Plans

Floor Plan Critical To Outcomes

Icon Precast Ltd has a full range of floor plans pre cast modules from feed lanes to bedding and external walls. Water troughs, Effluent channels and all other items needed got make your Dairy House a success.

Design and initial project specifications are done for this work in the initial feasibility work