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What Are We?

What Is Dairyhouse.kiwi.nz?

Dairy House™ was developed to create better options and versatility 'under cover' compliant dairy housing solutions for the NZ Dairy Industry.

With a stronger focus and acceptance by dairy farmers to keeping cows out of adverse weather and managing effluent, soil and feed more efficiently, various solutions to cover cows are available, ranging from herd homes to covered feedpad solutions or full freestalls.

Steel roofed Freestall structures have become popular in the lower South Island and Canterbury and recently lower North Island (Massey University) Cost of Steel covered structures can be an issue, particular for smaller operations. These structures also often need an integrated design between floor plan and structure which may create small windows of construction and limitations of staging developments.

According to Harmen Heesen, Cowhouse Ltd , "we basically have 4 systems in NZ"

Covered feedpads which are no more than light tunnel house like structures on top of a feedpad, cows can eat and be kept out of the weather for a limited period of time, (standoff) there is generally no place for cows to lie down.

Wintering sheds, often steel structures like a freestall, cows can be fed inside and sleep inside on rubber covered concrete bedding, cows roam freely, front and sides are generally fully open, generally a wintering shed is not suitable for housing cows during the lactation period.

Soft tops loafing barns , which can be a mixture of a Covered feedpad and wintering shed, the focus is on keeping cows out of adverse weather, generally no bedding is provided or if it is its on concrete and or straw or post peelings.

HFS™ systems, Hybryd Freestal Technology, where the best of EU or North American inhouse Freestall systems are merged with the best of NZ Pasture systems. An HFS™ system allows for feeding, wintering aswell as milking cows all year round with a focus on keeping cows out of the weather when it is needed, yet allowing cows full outside pasture grazing when the weather and ground conditions permit. Cows sleep on soft bedding and roam freely. Maximum feed utilization and cow wellbeing is an absolute focus.
Robot milking may feature in these type of structures

At Dairy House™ we promote high efficient production of Milk Solids is a major criteria in growing our export dollars, yet farmers also want full utilization of pasture, manage effluent well, and apply animal well being best practice . As a country we want to be seen as 100% pure all the time including winter.

Keeping cost down means making sure we got to invest in the best value for money infrastructure and make sure there is some long term value to that.

Dairy House ™ will address all these important facets, the system is easy to put up and constructed, it provides for fully automated effluent control, provides for premium dedicated space for cows to rest and sleep, environmentally pleasing design and it ticks the box for maximum comfort for the cows. But what is more we will provide a structure with ongoing access to support and advise and will continue to help clients to get the best out of their farm.

Our team of experts will help farmers in ensuring facilities are fully design integrated into the farm including the design of access, cowflow, effluent and feed management systems. Full feasibility studies can be done to show the farmer how it all stacks up and where needed the company helps farmers to obtain finance.